7 Benefits of Buying an EV Car in India

Are you planning to buy an EV Car in India? And still confused about it, then this article will help you get some clarity as you will read here the benefits of Buying an EV Car in India.

EVs (Electric Vehicles) market is growing at a very rapid speed in the worldwide market as well as in India as its demand is increasing because everyone thinks that EVs will be the future of the automobile industry.

In comparing Petrol/Diesel cars, EVs are the most efficient in today’s times; following, you will read the seven benefits of Buying an EV car in India. We hope this will add value to your life.

Benefits of Buying an EV Car in India
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7 Benefits of Buying an EV Car in India

1. Tax Benefits & Government Incentives

Buying an EV car in India is not limited to the vehicle itself; it gives you a tax benefit and government incentives.

India has embraced the use of electric vehicles, and the government has implemented several rules and incentives to promote their use. For instance, EVs cost less to buy than ICE cars in terms of registration costs and road tax.

2. Low Running Cost

The best thing about Electric Vehicles is that they don’t need petrol/diesel to run as they are run on electricity.

So you save a lot of money on fuel because you are not paying for petrol or diesel to keep your EV operating. When compared to the cost of petrol or diesel, the price of charging an electric car is far lower.

Utilizing sustainable energy sources, such as solar, will help you lower your electricity costs even further.

3. Maintenance Cost

Since they have several moving parts, vehicles fuelled by Petrol or diesel need routine maintenance. That isn’t the case with electric cars because they have significantly fewer moving parts.

This implies that the maintenance costs for your electric automobile will probably be reduced over time.

One might easily spend Rs 7,000–10,000 per year on maintenance for a Petrol or diesel vehicle.

4. Easy to Drive/Handle

Every electric vehicle, from an electric scooter to an electric bus, has no gears! Yes, since you don’t have to use the gear mechanisms, driving an EV is a true joy.

All you need to do to increase or decrease your speed is press a few pedals or buttons. If you believe that an automatic gasoline or diesel car can provide you with the same comfort, consider purchasing an electric vehicle (EV).

5. Comfort in Charging

To fill up on fuel, there is no need to locate the closest petrol station. Start moving and charge your EV at home.

With modern charging technologies, you can quickly charge an EV or even use battery-swapping services to continue driving without being concerned about the availability of conventional fuel.

6. No Noise Function

The ability to operate silently is another advantage an EV has over your current vehicle. The reasoning is straightforward: since there is no engine underneath, there is also no noise!

You can even read a book inside because the electric motor runs quietly! Considering the practical side, an EV may always provide you with a more comfortable ride due to its entirely silent operation, regardless of how quiet a car’s cabin with an engine may be.

Manufacturers must add fake sounds to EVs because they are so silent in order to make them safe for pedestrians.

7. Environment Friendly

You are undoubtedly helping the environment if you use or want to purchase an EV.

Since the planet has recovered while the rest of the world was in lockdown, we should absolutely consider the environment anytime we make a decision.

Your carbon footprint can be decreased by purchasing an EV because there are no emissions at all! Currently, on the market, electric vehicles (EVs) are among the greenest forms of transportation.

So these are the seven benefits of buying an EV car in India, which you must consider while purchasing an EV car.

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Q: Which Companies Sales EV Cars in India?

Answer: Tata Motors, MG Motor India and Mahindra etc.

Q: Do Electric Cars Save Money?

Answer: Yes, because electric cars are cheaper to maintain and run.

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